Glamcon MNL 2018

The first ever convention of its kind in the Philippines that celebrates this country’s beauty community, GLAMCON MNL 2018 is a gathering of talented people, amazing local and international beauty brands, makeup junkies, beauty bloggers, vloggers and all around beauty advocates and more.

Glamcon is a venue for diversity, self-expression, individuality, body positivity, loads of learning, and tons of loving for people that share the same enthusiasm for awesomeness. It is a community that embraces various means of empowering individuals of all ages and from different walks of life through the power of makeup and the art of being plain fabulous!

Aracan Events

Grand ideas simplified
Igniting life, one event at a time


Aracan is a newly-founded partnership between individuals who want to make the world a better place through unforgettable events and outstanding service.

Connecting people who were made to collaborate is what we do. We believe that an organization, institution, company or even a person’s life can be changed by certain milestones, and such milestones should be celebrated in the best way possible. Gathering the right people who are amazingly talented and passionate for a collaboration makes sure that each occasion stands out among others and sticks to one’s memory, not just by being impressive but also by being effective in shaping people’s lives.

A.I.M.S.Group Singapore

A.I.M.S.Group Singapore (formerly known as ABN International Marketing & Services) is an organization that started out in the general wholesale of imported and exported durable goods. Located in Singapore, the company opened its doors in 2009 and has diversified its services ever since. Now, A.I.M.S.Group already specializes in business management, consultancy, marketing and sales, and is expanding even more through a variety of partnerships and through investing more of their time, effort and finances in more industries.